The inception

Artist Shawon Akand and artist Delowar Hossain’s meeting had germinated the crucial idea of this platform in 2007.

Shawon Akand’s idea of artists gathering was drawn from the Baul (one kind of Sufi sects) philosophy and tradition in Bengal. Kushtia, a south western district of Bangladesh, is one of the major centers of this philosophy.

This centuries old tradition accommodates an annual gathering of Baul practitioners and singers to come together, to stay few days and exchange their experience and deeper introspections with each-other. Inspired by this notion of deeper exchange and exploration, the initiators conceived a melting pot for artists and creative minds coming from diverse fields of praxis to come together and explore each other’s artistic realms. Shawon Akand’s visionary initiative and Delowar Hossain’s passionate support have made it possible to realize this platform. Eventually this platform is now constituted as a non-profit arts trust which is primarily based in Bangladesh and also charting new artistic arenas globally


Welcome to our collective of self-identified enthusiasts, where everyone contributes out of sheer passion, without any formal hierarchy guiding us. We thrive on voluntary participation, driven by a shared commitment to our cause.




Delwar Hossain

Co Founder

Kanak Aditya


Kanak Aditya
Visual Artist. Singer, Lyricist and Composer. 
Graduated from Dr…

Mohan Sohanuzzaman

Unregistered volunteer

I am Mohan, and my journey with CRACK began as an audience member, I used …


Nahad Ul Quasem


Polash Chowdhury


Founding member and trustee of crack trust

Rahul Anand


Trustee of CRACK TRUST, Apart from being a visual artist by trade, he is a leading actor and mus…

Shawon Akand


π’π‘πšπ°π¨π§ π€π€πšπ§π (Bangladesh, 1976), is an artist, writer and curator based in Dhaka. Trained at the…

Shovon Zabir

Unregistered volunteer

Visual artist, Poet and c core member of CRACK team. I started my Journey with crack about a Dec…