Art Camps

Symphony without a conductor - 2023

Symphony as a metaphor for life, the wonders of different elements coming together, celebrating the uniqueness of each component while …

এই সময় - 2022

এই সময়

Song of silence - 2021

Simply Sitting

“Who can wait quietly, while the mud settles”?
Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream
Alert, …

Does distance matter? (Mostly over the internet) - 2020

Due to ongoing health risks and travel restrictions nationally and internationally CRACK Trust has designed this 14th edition of the …

Root: An enquiry in to our own self identity - 2019

Let me begin with a small anecdote: “can you bring our village to Varanasi?”
my father asked me while …

Twenty seventeen camp - 2017

Twenty seventeen camp 

Connecting Youngsters: CRACK Summer Camp - 2015

The primary aim of the summer camp is to nurture the creativity of young individuals by providing them with a …

Connecting Youngsters: CRACK Summer Camp - 2014

The core idea of the summer camp is to facilitate young minds in exploring new grounds of creativity, exchanging their …

Achinpur - 2012

CRAC International Art Camp 2012, a multi-disciplinary environmental art Residency exploring the likelihood "Achinpur" or unconscious territory in South Asian …

5th Crack International Art Camp - 2011

Curated by Rahul Ananda. Participants included Satadru Savon Banduri, Koustav Nag and Debashish Barui from India, as well as Shawon …

Twenty ten camp - 2010

Twenty ten camp 

First CRACK Art Camp - 2007

This was the begining of CRACK art camp!