Connecting Youngsters: CRACK Summer Camp

2015, Curator: Polash Chowdhury

Concept Note

The primary aim of the summer camp is to nurture the creativity of young individuals by providing them with a platform to explore new artistic horizons, share their creative journeys, and engage in meaningful dialogues with fellow participants. This initiative seeks to immerse budding artists in an experience that underscores the interconnectedness of artistic expression with life and the natural world. Participants are encouraged to approach the local culture with respect and to craft their art projects using locally sourced materials.

The camp invites all young individuals in Bangladesh who have a passion for art and culture, encompassing a wide array of creative fields from traditional visual arts to diverse disciplines like poetry, literature, journalism, music, filmmaking, and more.

Designed for adventurous and spirited youth willing to embrace challenges outside their comfort zone, the CRACK Summer Camp fosters an environment where participants share communal resources with peers and local community members, rather than luxuriating in individual comforts typically associated with upscale accommodations. The rustic rural setting of the camp offers a unique opportunity for individuals to engage in a shared experience that goes beyond mere artistic expression.

Participating Artists

Shawon Akand

π’π‘πšπ°π¨π§ π€π€πšπ§π (Bangladesh, 1976), is an artist, writer and curator based in Dhaka. Trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University, Akand cur… see full profile

Shovon Zabir

Visual artist, Poet and c core member of CRACK team. I started my Journey with crack about a Decade ago. Apart from crack I am involved in various… see full profile

Polash Chowdhury


Founding member and trustee of crack trust

see full profile

Mohan Sohanuzzaman

I am Mohan, and my journey with CRACK began as an audience member, I used to come to CRACK as a visitor around 2012-13. Over… see full profile