What to Expect at CRACK International Art Camp

About Kushtia and the Venue

Kushtia is a cultural center of Bangladesh, known for its rich history and as the home to many artistic and intellectual giants of Bengali culture. Notable figures include Rabindranath Tagore, Kangal Harinath, and Lalon Fakir, a mystic whose philosophy of universal love continues to inspire.

The CRACK International Art Camp is located just outside the main town of Kushtia, at Smaran Matshya Beej Khamar. This picturesque site features a large pond, fruit trees, sculptures, and spaces for both meetings and accommodations, providing a unique backdrop for creativity and community.

What to Expect

Expect a harmonious blend of art, nature, and discussion. The camp offers fresh meals, communal living, and a space for artistic exploration. Be prepared for late-night discussions, spontaneous collaborations, and a deep dive into the artistic process.

Luxuries are few, but the experience is rich with cultural exchange and artistic freedom, supported by a community that values deep connections and open-hearted sharing.


Yes, CRACK International Art Camp is free, in every sense. Accommodation and freshly cooked local food are provided for all invited artists. Artists need to cover their personal expenses such as travel and materials.

The artist must cover their own transportation costs. This includes travel to and from Kushtia, as well as local excursions during the camp.

Each artist is responsible for buying, collecting, or creating their own materials for their artworks. We encourage the use of local, sustainable materials whenever possible.

You can help by being actively involved in discussions and sharing your ideas and experiences. Engage in communal activities and contribute to the collective creative process.

Yes, participants who have embraced the CRACK spirit and contributed positively to the camp's atmosphere are always welcome back.

Staying beyond the camp duration is usually not possible due to agreements with local authorities and other constraints. However, separate arrangements for future residencies can be discussed.